Avoid Plumbing Repairs by Changing Bad Habits in Opportunity

avoid plumbing repairs, plumbing problemsAs a homeowner in Opportunity, Washington, you to avoid plumbing repairs whenever possible. Not only are plumbing issues inconvenient, they can also be expensive. While residential plumbing systems won’t last forever, scheduling regular plumbing maintenance should catch any issues related to normal wear and tear. The most common problems, however, are usually a result of improper use. Fortunately, there are several ways you and your family can work together to prevent the need for plumbing repairs. By changing the following bad habits, your system will function better and last longer in Opportunity.

Flushing Things You Shouldn’t

It’s important to realize that your toilet isn’t designed to handle non-biodegradable items. In fact, the only thing you should flush away is waste and toilet paper. Flushing things like baby wipes, cotton swabs, tampons, and tampon applicators can result in blockages or the need for plumbing repairs.

Pouring Grease Down Your Drains

Grease is another common culprit for blockages and plumbing repairs. Your kitchen sink isn’t meant to be used as a trashcan; all grease, as well as food scraps, should be disposed of elsewhere. The best way to ensure that unwanted items don’t go down your drain is by purchasing a drain trap.

Fixing Issues Yourself

While there are a number of bottled drain cleaners available, you should avoid using harsh chemicals to fix clogs. These products can actually do a lot of damage to your pipes. If you’re experiencing drainage problems, always schedule an appointment with a professional plumber.

Need Expert Plumbing Repairs in Opportunity?

Do you need expert plumbing repairs in Opportunity, Washington? Get the advice, service and customer care you deserve by calling the professionals at Above Average Plumbing & Rooter in Spokane. Our plumbers can also assist with rooter services and sewer line installations. We look forward to assisting with your plumbing repairs in Opportunity!

Plumbing Repairs in Opportunity

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