Helpful Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips in Opportunity

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How good are you at garbage disposal maintenance in Opportunity, Washington? Failing to properly care for your garbage disposal can result in expensive and time consuming plumbing repair. As a result, it’s important to treat this appliance right. While a professional plumber can perform routine maintenance, there are several things you and your family should be doing as well. The following tips can ensure that your garbage disposal functions for years to come!

Activate With Food

Part of good garbage disposal maintenance is knowing when you should and shouldn’t activate the appliance. As a general rule, you’ll want to turn your disposal on every time you put food into it. Make sure you run water at the same time and continue to run the water for 20 to 30 seconds after turning it off.

Fight Odor When Necessary

There are several ways you can fight garbage disposal odors. Many homeowners use orange/lemon peelings or baking soda, while others make vinegar ice cubes. Your plumbing expert may also have good advice regarding odor control.

Use Cold Water Only

Good garbage disposal maintenance also means using only cold water. This ensures that any fat and oil present will remain solid so it can be chopped into smaller pieces.

Need Professional Garbage Disposal Maintenance in Opportunity?

Do you need garbage disposal maintenance services in Opportunity, Washington? While the above-mentioned tips can help prevent issues from developing, professional assistance is sometimes necessary. Contact Above Average Plumbing & Rooter in Spokane to schedule a free consultation today. Our highly-trained technicians have years of experience in the field and always provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. You can count on our contractors to have the knowledge, skills and equipment to tackle any plumbing maintenance job, large or small. We can also assist with water heater installation, sewer line repair and rooter services.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Services in Opportunity

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