How to Prevent Bathroom Plumbing Clogs in Greenacres

bathroom plumbing, plumbing clogsPreventing clogs is important for maintaining your bathroom plumbing in Greenacres, Washington. Clogs are not only inconvenient, but they can lead to damage that requires expensive plumbing repair or replacement services. While you can always call a professional plumber for assistance, it’s better to be proactive. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration by preventing the development of clogs altogether. Keep the following tips in mind:

Run Hot Water

An easy way to help prevent bathroom plumbing clogs is to run hot water down your drains. Letting hot water flow freely for a few minutes each week is a great and inexpensive preventative measure.

Use Strainers

Consider installing strainers in your tubs and sinks to catch hair and soap chips. This will prevent these items from getting into and clogging your drains. It’s easier to clean the strainers than it is to call a bathroom plumbing expert for drain cleaning.

Watch What You Flush

Part of good bathroom plumbing maintenance is watching what goes down your drains. Never put things down your sink or toilet that don’t belong there. Your pipes are built to handle biodegradable items only.

Need Professional Bathroom Plumbing Assistance in Greenacres?

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