Signs You Should Call a Plumber in Spokane

call a plumberHave you been experiencing problems with your home’s plumbing in Spokane? Don’t assume the issues are normal or will just magically go away. It may be time to call a plumber. There are actually several indicators that the pipes require professional attention. Contact a plumber ASAP if you notice any of the following signs.

Toilets Get Clogged Often

A clear symptom you should phone a plumber for plumbing repairs is perpetually clogged toilets. If you’re frequently using the plunger, the problem is probably bigger than a DIYer can handle. A plumber can pinpoint the underlying issue.

Dripping Faucet(s)

Even small drips should be addressed without delay by a professional plumber. Waiting for help only results in more damage down the line. It’s better to schedule routine plumbing maintenance now than to spend money on expensive repairs later.

Little or No Hot Water

Going without hot water isn’t only a nuisance; it also points to a problem with your water heater or furnace. A professional plumber can assess the situation, remediate the problem, and get your hot water flowing once again!

Time to Call a Plumber in Spokane?

Are you in need of a professional plumber? Now that you’re familiar with some of the most common signs of plumbing troubles, it’s time to find a plumber you can trust. For honest assessments, industry advice, quality workmanship, and stellar customer service, count on Above Average Plumbing in Spokane. Our team of highly-trained and seasoned plumbers is ready to take on even the most complicated installations and repairs. Browse our website for more information regarding the many services we provide, including sewer line installations. Call (509) 774-5138 to book an appointment. We look forward to being your go-to plumbing repair crew!

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