Helpful Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips in Opportunity

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Are you adept at garbage disposal maintenance in Opportunity, Washington? Improper care can eventually lead to malfunction and high-cost repairs or even an entire replacement of the appliance. While your local plumbing repair service can address the issue, there are steps homeowners can do on their end to prolong the garbage disposal’s life and ensure it continues to perform at its peak.

Activate With Food

Know when to turn on the garbage disposal and when not to activate it. As a rule of thumb, you should switch on the system every time food debris is put into it. Also, be sure that you run water for around 30 seconds after shutting the system off.

Stop Odors When Necessary

There are a lot of terrific remedies for stopping foul odors emanating from the garbage disposal. Some good homemade remedies include a combination of orange peels and vinegar, or ice cubes and a salt solution. A plumber can make additional recommendations on easy DIY odor removal.

Only Use Cold Water

When running water through the system, only use cold water and refrain from using lukewarm or hot water. Cold water ensures any grease and oils remain solid or semi-solid, where the garbage disposal blades can cut the fats into smaller pieces.

Require Garbage Disposal Maintenance in Opportunity?

Have you determined that you need garbage disposal maintenance in Opportunity? The aforementioned tips can keep the system in operating condition. However, some issues warrant the assistance of a professional. Contact Above Average Plumbing in Spokane to book a no-cost consultation. Our team has the industry training and hands-on experience to give your garbage disposal the care it needs, whether that be a part replacement or a replacement of the entire appliance. Depend on us for all related tasks, including plumbing for new construction and homes under remodeling.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance in Opportunity

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