Plumbing Tips for Homeowners Near Trentwood: Faucet Maintenance

faucet maintenance plumbing tips

Consistent faucet care near Trentwood, Washington, is the key to managing the health of your plumbing pipes and maintaining efficient water usage. We recommend that all homeowners follow these faucet maintenance plumbing tips below to keep the fixture in good working order. This will minimize the need for expensive and preventable plumbing repair.

Tighten and Replace

The pipes behind the wall can last for several decades. However, the faucet will likely need to be replaced or repaired far more often. This is because the faucet is made up of multiple components, each of which can give out and compromise the function of the entire fixture. If there is a minor leak or loss in pressure, have a technician come in and tighten or replace any loose parts as needed.

Make Repairs Immediately

If a leak occurs, bring in a plumber right away. Making repairs on a minor leak will prevent a small problem from exacerbating into a big problem that requires expensive servicing. Resolving the issue in a timely manner will also prevent water waste.

Clean Faucet Aerators

Water deposits can accumulate within the aerator. This can lead to blockages that cause a leak or drop in pressure. A plumber can easily clean the aerator as part of a routine plumbing maintenance.

Need More Faucet Maintenance Plumbing Tips Near Trentwood?

Since the whole family uses the faucet multiple times per day, you need to give the fixture routine care to offset eventual wear and tear. Contact Above Average Plumbing in Spokane to keep your faucet in working condition or have the unit replaced if need be. Apart from faucet maintenance, we also perform residential plumbing on homes under construction or in the middle of a remodel. The above faucet maintenance plumbing tips will ensure the longevity of this bathroom and kitchen fixture.

Faucet Maintenance Plumbing Tips Near Trentwood

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