Plumbing Tips for Homeowners Near Veradale: Showerhead Maintenance

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The showerhead is an integral piece of plumbing fixture that enables you and your family to have pleasant showers. However, this component can incur problems from time to time, such as a leak, uneven spraying, or low pressure. Some problems will ultimately require plumbing repair or replacement from a professional. On the other hand, other issues are relatively minor and may have a DIY solution. Here is a simple DIY guide to showerhead maintenance that you may try before contacting a professional.

Detach the Showerhead

Removing the showerhead is a fairly straightforward job. Simply remove the fixture using a wrench or pair of pliers. We recommend wrapping the tool’s jaw in masking tape to prevent scratching the showerhead. 

Clean the Outlet/Inlet Holes

Once the showerhead is removed, clean the inlet and outlet holes using a thin wire. Another solution is to flush and rinse the head with plain water.

Soak the Showerhead

The key to showerhead cleaning is to remove deposits and mineral buildup. One way to do this is by soaking the fixture overnight in vinegar. You can even do this without removing the showerhead. Put some vinegar and water solution in a plastic bag and wrap it over the fixture using a twist tie. This should loosen the calcium and mineral deposits.

Need Showerhead Maintenance Near Veradale?

Is your showerhead exhibiting odd behavior in or around Verdale, Washington? If a problem is persistent, contact the crew at Above Average Plumbing in Spokane for a professional inspection. We perform plumbing repairs on residences as well as homes under new construction or in the middle of a remodel. Whatever the case, we’ll get your plumbing woes straightened out and your plumbing fixtures in working order.

Showerhead Maintenance Near Veradale

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