Signs You Should Call a Plumber in Spokane

call a plumberDo you notice abnormalities with your residential plumbing system in Spokane, Washington? It’s important that you call a plumber the minute you recognize an issue. Ignoring the problem will only cause issues to exacerbate over time and lead to more costly repairs. Here are signs you need a professional plumber.

Toilets Get Clogged Often

Is the toilet frequently backing up every time you flush it? There’s likely a clog in the pipes if you find yourself using a plunger every time you answer nature’s call. You need a professional to assess the situation.

Dripping Faucet(s)

Most homeowners will ignore a leaking faucet if it’s fairly minor. However, if the drip occurs 24/7, this can lead to water waste, not to mention a skyrocketing water bill. The dripping will only become more severe over time. Apart from dripping, you may also notice leaking around the faucet base.

Dripping faucets can occur abruptly, even after a home remodeling with a new faucet system that wasn’t installed properly.

Little or No Hot Water

There may be an issue with the furnace if you’re consistently not getting hot water. This can make showers very unpleasant, especially during the colder seasons. A professional plumber can also work on furnaces to ensure all showers and faucets receive ample hot water.

Time to Call a Plumber in Spokane?

Do you need to call a plumber in Spokane? It’s imperative that you don’t let existing plumbing issues linger for too long. Contact the crew at Above Average Plumbing. We will dispatch one of our professionals to assess your plumbing system and get to the root of the cause. We’ll provide an accurate diagnosis and get to work restoring the plumbing. Apart from homes and apartments, we also work on the plumbing for new houses under construction.

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