Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood: What to Watch For

problems with old plumbing TrentwoodProblems with old plumbing can be an issue especially if the pipes behind your walls are several decades old. Your plumbing may give you signs that the pipes are due for a replacement. If you notice any of the signs below, then contact a professional plumber in Trentwood to prevent the problems from worsening. 

Water That Looks Dirty

Do you notice the water looks discolored when you turn on the kitchen or bathroom faucet? If the water appears brownish or foggy, then this may stem from corroding pipes. This leads to rust deposits in the water, making the water unclean for use. Corroded pipes are also at a greater risk of bursting. 

Unpleasant Smells in the Piping

Do you notice a foul odor emanating from the pipes? Older plumbing systems may develop an unnatural smell that indicates the pipes are rusting and on the verge of failing. Smelly pipes and drains are a sign to contact a plumber right away. Homeowners remodeling the home may notice these smells as they make changes to the walls, floors, and other fixtures.

Water Damage or Mold

A small leak may seem like a minor problem. However, this seemingly negligible problem often goes unnoticed, enabling it to persist. Over time, this can lead to a plethora of issues, such as mold growth in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Contact a plumber if you notice leaks leading to small puddles of water.

Having Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood?

Now that you know the signs to watch out for, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Above Average Plumbing. We routinely inspect and address problems with old plumbing systems that are in desperate need of updating. In addition, we also install new plumbing systems for homes under construction.

Solutions to Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood

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