How to Know When It’s Time to Replace a Garbage Disposal in Trentwood

Your garbage disposal plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable and safe. If it breaks down, you could end up with some fairly serious health and sanitation problems. Knowing when to replace a garbage disposal will help you determine if it is time to invest in a new one. Replace a Garbage Disposal in Trentwood

Persistent Bad Smells

When you put something down the garbage disposal, it should be eviscerated entirely, removing any bad smells and potential mold growth inside your sink. If any food waste remains, it will sit in the disposal housing and rot. Your first sign that the disposal isn’t working perfectly will be unpleasant odors that linger over time. 

Water Leaks

If your garbage disposal is broken, it may no longer have a tight seal in the piping. The results could be water leaks that gather underneath the sink. Any leak in your plumbing system should be investigated as soon as possible so you can avoid water damage and potential mold growth. 

The Noise It Makes Has Changed

You probably know what your garbage disposal is supposed to sound like since you use it all the time. You can tell if it’s time to replace a garbage disposal if the noise suddenly changes and doesn’t return to normal after cleaning it. This could be a sign that the motor has given out or there is another serious issue.  

Need to Replace a Garbage Disposal in Trentwood? 

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