Is It Time to Call a Plumber in Veradale?

plumber, plumbing troubleAre you experiencing oddities with your home’s plumbing in Veradale? You most likely need to contact a professional plumber to pinpoint the exact cause. Routine plumbing maintenance ensures your residential pipes remain in good health. If you notice any of the following signs, then you most likely have plumbing trouble that requires your attention.

Frequently Clogged Toilet(s)

Do one or more toilets in the household constantly back up? If this is a regular occurrence, then it’s a sign you need plumbing repairs. Holding off on this issue may render one of your toilets unusable for an extended period, creating a huge inconvenience. 

Continuously Dripping Faucet

Does your faucet keep dripping even if the handles are fully in the off position? This leads to enormous water waste and will quickly cause your water bill to skyrocket. We strongly recommend addressing leaky faucets as part of an extended bathroom remodeling project

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Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood: What to Watch For

problems with old plumbing TrentwoodProblems with old plumbing can be an issue especially if the pipes behind your walls are several decades old. Your plumbing may give you signs that the pipes are due for a replacement. If you notice any of the signs below, then contact a professional plumber in Trentwood to prevent the problems from worsening. 

Water That Looks Dirty

Do you notice the water looks discolored when you turn on the kitchen or bathroom faucet? If the water appears brownish or foggy, then this may stem from corroding pipes. This leads to rust deposits in the water, making the water unclean for use. Corroded pipes are also at a greater risk of bursting. 

Unpleasant Smells in the Piping

Do you notice a foul odor emanating from the pipes? Older plumbing systems may develop an unnatural smell that indicates the pipes are rusting and on the verge of failing. Smelly pipes and drains are a sign to contact a plumber right away. Homeowners remodeling the home may notice these smells as they make changes to the walls, floors, and other fixtures.

Water Damage or Mold

A small leak may seem like a minor problem. However, this seemingly negligible problem often goes unnoticed, enabling it to persist. Over time, this can lead to a plethora of issues, such as mold growth in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Contact a plumber if you notice leaks leading to small puddles of water.

Having Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood?

Now that you know the signs to watch out for, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Above Average Plumbing. We routinely inspect and address problems with old plumbing systems that are in desperate need of updating. In addition, we also install new plumbing systems for homes under construction.

Solutions to Problems with Old Plumbing in Trentwood

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Avoid Plumbing Repairs by Changing Bad Habits in Opportunity

avoid plumbing repairs, plumbing problemsAs an Opportunity homeowner, you want to keep plumbing issues at bay. While your home pipes and drainage system aren’t meant to last a lifetime, most systems fail prematurely. This is largely due to bad plumbing habits that are hurting your pipes and drains. Here are three habits that may be damaging your pipes. These habits may not seem like a big deal, but they do degrade the system over time, leading to expensive plumbing repairs.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Some people treat the toilet like a garbage disposal system. Aside from human waste and toilet paper, nothing else should ever go into the toilet. Flushing man-made items like cotton swabs, tampons, and baby wipes are a no-no. These belong in the wastebasket and never in a drain of any kind.

Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Some homeowners pour grease down the drain, thinking it’s no big deal; after all, it’s a semi-liquid. However, grease and oils can solidify when it’s in the drain, especially if they are exposed to cold water; this leads to an eventual backup. Never pour grease down the drain. If a plate or pan has grease, wipe it away with a napkin prior to washing. Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Plumber Near Airway Heights

hiring a plumber Airway HeightsIs there an issue with your plumbing system? Take action by hiring a plumber near Airway Heights right away. Such issues don’t resolve themselves. The following are some good questions to ask when vetting plumbers in your local area.

Do You Have a License?

Always go with a plumber that’s licensed by the state. Don’t risk a subpar job by hiring an independent and unlicensed contractor. If you hire an unlicensed worker, you may end up with the same plumbing problem again in just a few months. You’ll then need to bring in a plumber again and end up spending more money.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

Always inquire how much will the service cost. This should include the total with a breakdown of the price by parts and labor. You should also get the quote in writing so you don’t get caught off guard with unexpected hidden fees. With that in mind, the final price may differ slightly if additional parts or labor is required.

Are You Insured?

It’s essential that the company is insured. Without insurance, you can be held liable for injuries that may occur on your property. The company must have insurance even if they’re working on a home that’s under construction.

Thinking About Hiring a Plumber Near Airway Heights?

Is there an issue with your pipes or drains? If so, hiring a plumber near Airway Heights is the next logical step to take. Begin by contacting Above Average Plumbing for assistance. We are established and have performed plumbing work for residences all over the local area. We also update plumbing systems for homes under remodeling. Whatever your needs, don’t let plumbing problems linger for prolonged periods.

Hiring a Plumber Near Airway Heights

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Signs You Should Call a Plumber in Spokane

call a plumberDo you notice abnormalities with your residential plumbing system in Spokane, Washington? It’s important that you call a plumber the minute you recognize an issue. Ignoring the problem will only cause issues to exacerbate over time and lead to more costly repairs. Here are signs you need a professional plumber.

Toilets Get Clogged Often

Is the toilet frequently backing up every time you flush it? There’s likely a clog in the pipes if you find yourself using a plunger every time you answer nature’s call. You need a professional to assess the situation.

Dripping Faucet(s)

Most homeowners will ignore a leaking faucet if it’s fairly minor. However, if the drip occurs 24/7, this can lead to water waste, not to mention a skyrocketing water bill. The dripping will only become more severe over time. Apart from dripping, you may also notice leaking around the faucet base.

Dripping faucets can occur abruptly, even after a home remodeling with a new faucet system that wasn’t installed properly.

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How to Avoid Plumbing Repairs Near Liberty Lake

avoid plumbing repairs near Liberty LakeYou can’t always avoid plumbing repairs in your Liberty Lake home. However, you can minimize the odds of needing major servicing. Here are some ways to keep your plumbing system healthy to avoid premature damage.

Be Careful of What You Flush

Be mindful of what you flush down the toilet. As a general rule, no manmade objects other than toilet paper should ever go down the toilet. Common items like baby wipes and cotton swabs go in the waste bin and not in the toilet.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

There are some measures you can attempt before resorting to a professional, depending on which drain is having issues. For backups, you may try pouring hot water or a can of carbonated beverage down the drain. This may help break down some of the solids causing a backup. If the problem persists, however, then you definitely need to bring in a plumber.

Keep Roots at Bay

Tree roots can continue to grow and expand beneath the soil. The growth can cause the roots to penetrate right through the plumbing pipes. If you verify this is an issue, then you may need to contact an arborist to remove the tree and its root system.

Avoid Plumbing Repairs Near Liberty Lake By Acting Quickly

If you notice irregularities in your plumbing system, it’s best to make an appointment with a plumber at your earliest convenience. Get in touch with Above Average Plumbing in Spokane today. One of our experienced technicians will assess the problem with your home plumbing and get to the bottom of the cause. Apart from residential plumbing fixes, we also perform plumbing installation work for homes under remodeling and property under construction. Let us address your plumbing problems using state-of-the-art tools and decades of industry experience.

We Help You Avoid Plumbing Repairs Near Liberty Lake

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Why Use Professional Plumbing Services Near Cheney?

professional plumbing services Spokane

If you have a plumbing issue, you may try to fix the problem yourself. However, plumbing maintenance is typically not feasible for the homeowner. The issue is typically far more complex than you think. Here are some reasons why it’s always better to entrust the job to professional plumbing services.

You Lack the Tools

You may have access to basic tools like a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver. However, some plumbing jobs require commercial tools not available at your local hardware store. Plumbers have the industry equipment they need to perform the job to quality standards.

You Can Exacerbate Damage

If you have never done extensive plumbing work before, you can end up worsening the problem. Even if you can identify the problem, and tutorial videos are available, the job is often more complex than you may initially realize. Don’t let confidence get in the way and make you attempt repairs that can make the existing damage worse. 

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

People often attempt their own repairs in an effort to save money. However, they often end up losing more money than if they were to call a plumber. When you try to perform repairs yourself, you lose time attempting something you have little to no experience in doing. You also lose money by purchasing expensive tools that you’ll likely only use once, or once in a blue moon.

Need Professional Plumbing Services Near Cheney?

Contact Above Average Plumbing today. We have two decades of experience serving residences and businesses in Cheney and surrounding areas. Apart from residential plumbing, we also perform plumbing work for homes under remodel and homes under construction. Let us put an end to your plumbing woes!

Professional Plumbing Services Near Cheney

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How to Find a Trustworthy Plumbing Specialist in Spokane

plumbing specialist in Spokane

Is your Spokane home undergoing a plumbing woe? You’ll need to hire a plumbing specialist to diagnose the cause and make repairs. However, the local area is full of plumbing companies and independent contractors. How can you distinguish the legitimate services from the not-so-reliable ones? Here are some tips to guide you in your search.

1. Ask People You Know

Ask your relatives, friends and coworkers for references. Plumbing issues are relatively commonplace, so you’re bound to know someone who has had to call for plumbing services in the last few years. They can vet whether the service they used was reliable and if the workmanship was satisfactory. Asking around should provide more than a handful of solid leads.

2. Research Your Options

From the list of recommendations you acquired, begin doing research into your leads. Visit the website of each company, if available. On the site, you can find plenty of useful information, such as the number of years the company has been in practice and whether it holds any industry licenses.

3. Read Customer Feedback

Apart from checking out the company’s website, be sure to also use sites like Yelp to read reviews from past customers. Here, you will read unbiased and honest feedback from clients that have actually used the plumbing service. Some companies also provide testimonials directly on their website.

Need a Plumbing Specialist in Spokane?

Plumbing issues don’t fix themselves. You need a plumbing specialist in the Spokane region that’ll perform the appropriate diagnosis and restoration work. Apart from residential plumbing, we also perform plumbing installations for homes under construction and under remodeling. Call Above Average Plumbing today to schedule a consultation and put an end to any plumbing hiccups.

Expert Plumbing Specialist in Spokane

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How to Prevent Bathroom Plumbing Clogs Near Greenacres

bathroom plumbing, plumbing clogs

Minimizing plumbing clogs is essential for the longevity of your home’s plumbing system. Backups aren’t only inconvenient but they also lead to damage if the clog is untreated and allowed to build up. To avoid costly plumbing repair or replacement, we suggest taking a few proactive steps that will prolong the life of your pipes. These methods call for simple solutions that are inexpensive and only require a bit of mindfulness.

Run Hot Water

Turn on the faucet’s hot water setting and let it run down the drain for several minutes. Do this for about a minute or so two to three times a week. The hot water will liquefy semi-solid oils and prevent them from solidifying.

Use Strainers

Add a strainer to all of your sinks and bathroom drains. Strainers are inexpensive and will catch a lot of solid debris and prevent them from entering the drains. Strainers can’t catch every piece of debris, but they’re an overall reliable preventive measure tool.

Be Careful of What You Flush

No non-biodegradable items should ever go down any of your drains or toilets. Instruct all occupants of the home to be mindful of this when cleaning dishes or using the toilet.

We Prevent Plumbing Clogs Near Greenacres

Are your drains backing up or slow to drain? It may be time to bring in a professional. Contact Above Average Plumbing in Spokane for an inspection of your home plumbing system by a licensed technician. We can address plumbing clogs and restore smooth water flow to your residence. Apart from home plumbing, we also provide similar services for residences under new construction or remodeling. We ensure all pipelines are installed and working to industry specifications. 

We Treat Plumbing Clogs Near Greenacres

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Plumbing Tips for Homeowners Near Veradale: Showerhead Maintenance

showerhead maintenance, showerhead

The showerhead is an integral piece of plumbing fixture that enables you and your family to have pleasant showers. However, this component can incur problems from time to time, such as a leak, uneven spraying, or low pressure. Some problems will ultimately require plumbing repair or replacement from a professional. On the other hand, other issues are relatively minor and may have a DIY solution. Here is a simple DIY guide to showerhead maintenance that you may try before contacting a professional.

Detach the Showerhead

Removing the showerhead is a fairly straightforward job. Simply remove the fixture using a wrench or pair of pliers. We recommend wrapping the tool’s jaw in masking tape to prevent scratching the showerhead. 

Clean the Outlet/Inlet Holes

Once the showerhead is removed, clean the inlet and outlet holes using a thin wire. Another solution is to flush and rinse the head with plain water.

Soak the Showerhead

The key to showerhead cleaning is to remove deposits and mineral buildup. One way to do this is by soaking the fixture overnight in vinegar. You can even do this without removing the showerhead. Put some vinegar and water solution in a plastic bag and wrap it over the fixture using a twist tie. This should loosen the calcium and mineral deposits.

Need Showerhead Maintenance Near Veradale?

Is your showerhead exhibiting odd behavior in or around Verdale, Washington? If a problem is persistent, contact the crew at Above Average Plumbing in Spokane for a professional inspection. We perform plumbing repairs on residences as well as homes under new construction or in the middle of a remodel. Whatever the case, we’ll get your plumbing woes straightened out and your plumbing fixtures in working order.

Showerhead Maintenance Near Veradale

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